Visiting the Area


A small but beautifully picturesque town, with its timber framed houses surrounded by forest, vineyards and the l'Yonne, belongs to the national network for Towns and Lands of Art and History (Réseau national des Villes et Pays d'art et d'histoire).

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Here are just a few suggestions of things to visit or do in the local area:


This pleasant city, once again located on the banks of the river, is the capital of the Department of Yonne. Originally a Gallo-Roman town, like many regions in Burgandy, it prospered from its production and transportation of wine by boat. In 1995 it was named Town of Art and History.

Places to visit:

  • Cathedral of St. Étienne (11th–16th centuries)

  • Abbey of Saint-Germain, (9th–17th  centuries)

  • The Old Town & Clock tower

  • The church of St. Pierre en Vallée (17th–18th centuries)

  • Church of St. Eusèbe, (7th century. The nave was rebuilt in the 13th century, while the tower is in Romanesque style.)

  • Le Muséum - Museum of Natural History

 For more information visit the official website for the Tourist Office of Auxerre: